BetOnline features numerous alien betting odds for 2023

betonline betting news august 2023

Updated August 15, 2023By Chris Boline
betonline betting news august 2023

Of course, with so much going on in our world, it is only right for BetOnline to get in on the “fun” and offer their own take on some current “interesting” events. In this case, that means the site recently rolled out numerous betting markets related to extraterrestrials, aka aliens, and various opportunities to win money on them. To access these betting markets, you need to scroll over to the BetOnline entertainment sub-page and there you will be able to see the three different betting avenues one can wager on. The category is what color the first alien on Earth will be as confirmed by any government on Earth. Moreover, you can also bet on which country will be invaded by aliens first (which is sort of a double-edged sword for customers in the U.S. and Russia) and finally, who will be abducted by aliens in 2023. 

In this report, SBS will be going over the latest gaming news coming out of SBS and also some more notes and information about using the website. 

Green is leading color favorite for aliens at BetOnline

According to the main BetOnline betting markets page, the current favorite for the color of the first confirmed alien on Earth is green at +400. There is a caveat for this category though as the actual favorite in this category is “unknown to the human eye” at +250. In terms of betting markets, there is some discrepancy here, but in terms of validity, one could argue that if a government on the planet declares this as such then you could have a winner on your hands. Moreover, as specified by the website, this event must happen in 2023, or stakes will be returned to their respective owners. Curiously, the iconic gray color normally attributed to aliens is not on this list with yellow (+500), blue (+600), black (+600), and purple (+600) rounding out the top of the list. 

In addition to the colors of the extraterrestrials, BetOnline has also rolled out odds on which country will be invaded by aliens first. Per the main site, this covers “which will be the first country on planet Earth to be attacked by aliens.” Similar to the above market, this event must occur in 2023 or else stakes will be returned. As of now, the United States and Russia at +1200 are the favorites for this dubious honor. After that, North Korea and Thailand are tied for second place at +1400. Sweden and Brazil are the least likely countries here at +6600, although no reasons for each are specified. 

BetOnline also features alien abduction odds as well

As noted in the headline, former president Donald Trump is the favorite at BetOnline to be abducted by aliens in 2023 at +2000. In a narrow second place is current United States president Joe Biden who registers at +2200. After that, there are a slew of celebrities and politicians at +2500 featured at BetOnline from Tiger Woods to Keanu Reeves. This is perhaps the most eclectic category with politicians (Xi Jinping, +2500), musicians (Kanye West, +5150), and adult film stars (Mia Malkova, +10000) all being featured. In an interesting twist, the last featured name on this list is Elvia Pressley (sic) at +25000, however, Presley has been dead since 1977. 


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Other notes and information about utilizing BetOnline

Once you are all squared away regarding the latest gaming news and notes coming from BetOnline, SBS has you covered with even more great resources. Of course, if you are looking for information on the site at hand, check out the BetOnline sportsbook review guide which goes over all the latest news and contests at the sportsbook. Moreover, for those looking to get the most out of their bets, then make sure to bookmark our best bonus betting sites breakdown. Here you can find a catalog of different bonus offers available to you and how you can get the most out of them. Finally, for those looking for some higher-end wagering options, then the VIP sports betting sites rundown is a great place to learn more and see if VIP betting is for you. 

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