BetOnline offers L.V. Aces $1M for beating Clay Travis bet

betonline betting news november 2023

Updated November 19, 2023By Chris Boline
betonline betting news november 2023

Clay Travis is once again in the news and this time BetOnline is getting in on the action of the pundit’s latest viral take. Per multiple recent reports, BetOnline has backed Clay Travis’s $1 million challenge, pitting reigning WNBA champions, the Las Vegas Aces, against a high school boys’ basketball team of Travis’ choosing. This bold move comes as a direct response to the sports media host’s claims that the high school team could outplay the Aces, with BetOnline offering the Aces a risk-free shot at the million-dollar prize should they triumph against the high school squad. As noted in one article, the Aces, fresh from their consecutive championship wins, now face a proposition that puts their reputation and the conversation about gender disparities in sports on a national stage. 

For this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming from BetOnline and also more notes about the online sportsbook. 

Sportsbook odds have boys high school team as favorites

According to one report, previously released betting lines show a clear expectation for the boys’ high school team to win, with their odds set at -2000 compared to the Aces’ +900. This is implying by some accounts that the Aces have an estimated 10% chance of winning. The point spread anticipates the boys’ team leading by 16 points, as previously noted by one outlet. These odds, primarily for entertainment purposes, highlighted the perceived performance disparity between the two teams. 

While some voices like sports broadcast Charly Arnolt and former NFL Chris Manno, sided with Travis, highlighting the biological differences between male and female athletes, others like Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverly have vocally supported WNBA players. The NBA defensive specialist, after practicing with WNBA player Aerial Powers, attested to the physicality and skill of WNBA athletes, suggesting that any comparison undervalues their talent. Moreover, Beverly would go on to say, “(Clay Travis) has to be on drugs. I don’t give a f**k what he says, they are way more physical than men.” 

The Las Vegas Aces are the model WNBA franchise

As noted in one article, the Vegas Aces, led by stars A’ja Wilson, Kelsey Plum, and Candace Parker, among others, are no strangers to success. Thanks to their recent run of titles, the squad has established themselves as a burgeoning dynasty in women’s basketball. This speculative argument, as noted in one article, whether viewed as a moment of disrespect or a highlight of the pay disparity in sports, has put the spotlight on the Aces. Now, with a million-dollar offer on the table and a chance to refute the critics, people are watching to see if the Aces will accept the challenge. 


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Even more notes and information about BetOnline

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