BetUS shares betting markets for Bronny James’ future

betus betting news february 2024

Updated February 19, 2024By Chris Boline
betus betting news february 2024

In an interesting development that has been growing for some time, USC’s Bronny James is one of the most intriguing draft prospects in the upcoming NBA Draft, whether it is 2024 or next year. With that in mind, BetUS has gotten in on the action by providing betting markets where he might land in the NBA. Per a release from the website, league circles are abuzz about where James, son of NBA superstar LeBron James, might end up in the 2024/25 NBA Draft. Among the potential destinations, the Cleveland Cavaliers are emerging as a surprising but intriguing option. Currently, lists the Cavaliers with +900 odds to draft “Bronny,” indicating a significant possibility and ranking the Cavs as the third most likely team to draft Bronny, according to BetUS oddsmakers – behind the Lakers and barely behind the Knicks. 

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James has had to overcome adversity with the Trojans

As noted in the same release, Bronny, a guard with the USC Trojans, has had a challenging college career, marked by a cardiac arrest during a summer workout and modest stats. Despite these hurdles, he’s ranked as the No. 55 overall prospect by, suggesting a second-round draft pick. However, “the prospect of LeBron joining the team that drafts Bronny could push teams to select him earlier,” says Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS. 

LeBron, with a player option in 2024, could become a free agent, opening a path to unite with his son. This scenario becomes more intriguing considering LeBron’s history with the Cavaliers, where he delivered their first NBA Championship. Of course, LeBron’s connection to Cleveland is deep-rooted. His return to the Cavaliers in 2014 and the subsequent championship win in 2016 are etched in NBA history. A return to Cleveland, especially to play alongside his son, would be a full-circle moment for LeBron’s historic career. 

Per the same article, the Cavaliers, with the 2024 NBA Draft approaching, “could see drafting Bronny as not just an investment in a young prospect but also a chance to bring LeBron back,” Williams said. Of course, the emotional and marketing impact of the James duo in Cleveland would be immense, potentially reinvigorating and its fanbase as noted in the article. However, it should be noted that the Cavs are playing very well this season, with a 36-17 record which is good for second place in the Eastern Conference. 

Addition of Bronny presents a variety of options for Cavs

As referenced in the same article, Cleveland’s current roster and draft position place them in an interesting spot. With a mix of young talent and experienced players, adding Bronny could be a strategic move. While it’s a gamble, the potential of reuniting LeBron with the Cavaliers and the buzz it would create might be too enticing to pass up. Furthermore, the 2024 NBA Draft is perceived as relatively weak, which could make drafting Bronny a more appealing prospect. For the Cavaliers, the combination of Bronny’s potential and the chance to bring LeBron back could be a unique opportunity to make a splash both on and off the court. 

Undoubtedly, the decision to draft Bronny will be influenced by the possibility of LeBron’s return, at least according to the BetUS report. LeBron’s history of influencing team decisions is well-documented, and his desire to play with his son is a known factor. “The Cavaliers’ front office might see this as a strategic move to strengthen the team and generate significant media and fan interest,” Williams said in the report. Of course, while the Los Angeles Lakers lead the odds at +200 to draft Bronny, the Cavaliers at +900 present an intriguing storyline. 

The possibility of LeBron returning to Cleveland, this time to play alongside his son, adds an exciting dimension to the upcoming NBA Draft. The Cavaliers have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact both in terms of team dynamics and their narrative in the NBA landscape. “This is well within the realm of possibility,” Williams noted in the release. As of today, the Detroit Pistons are expected to select French standout Alex Sarr as the first overall pick per some mock drafts. The center is being compared to Jaren Jackson. Of course, the NBA Draft can sometimes feature a lot of unknowns, especially in the second round. This includes Bronny who has averaged 5.7 points per game for the middling Trojans this season. 


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Even more notes and info about BetUS gaming news

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