Bovada Casino shares three stellar new titles for March

bovada betting news march 2024

Updated March 19, 2024By Chris Boline
bovada betting news march 2024

With springtime perking up in some parts of the country, what better way to enjoy the nicer weather than seeing what is new and exciting at the Bovada Casino. As noted in a recent article, Bovada Casino continues to be one of the leaders in the online casino industry, and it is working hard to stay on top. The site recently announced a handful of new online casino games, including, per the report, some exclusive options. This includes Coins of Ra, Lawless Ladies Return, and Eggsplosion. There will always be some new table games that are offered by Bovada Casino, but most of the action will come from new online slot games. 

For this article, SBS will be going over what to look for in the latest gaming news and notes coming from Bovada along with some more notes and info about the website. 

Coins of Ra offers an Egyptian-themed casino game

Per another report, the Coins of Ra is a “very different type of game” offered by Bovada Casino as it takes customers to a new world entirely. Egyptian Gods are not normally featured characters in an online slot game, but that is the case with this new exclusive game. There is a minimum bet of just $0.20 on the Coins of Ra game, and the actual gameplay is extremely simple. There are just three reels and three rows, with a total number of five pay lines that are offered. 

Per the same article, earning bonus symbols is the best way to win big with this new game as that will trigger the Hold and Win gaming feature. There are also Ra Bonus symbols that will appear throughout the game, and that’s a chance to win an even bigger prize pool. It’s unclear how long this game is going to be online at Bovada Casino, at least according to the article. 

Moreover, per another review, Coins of Ra offers players an immersive journey into the world of ancient civilizations. This game also features a compact three-by-three layout with the aforementioned five betways, providing a streamlined gaming experience. Moreover, Coins of Ra has an RTP of 96.18% with a high variance along with a 10000x max win possibility and a hit frequency of 31.07. 

Lawless Ladies Return rolls out a new Western theme

According to one report from above, the Wild West has returned to the Bovada Casino, but all of the action in this new exclusive game will focus on the ladies. This game is going to feel like the Wild West as there are 40 different paylines to explore with this game. All of Bovada’s exclusive games tend to have some interesting features, and this game has Random Wilds and Boost Those Lows features. There are no guaranteed winners in this game, but the chance to hit the jackpot is there with this new game. 

Moreover, the max win on this game is 1000x your stake, and the minimum wager is $0.40 for this new gaming option at Bovada. This is another game where players will want to get in on the action soon before it goes away for good. As referenced in another review, this five-by-four slot delivers a thrilling experience with its medium-high volatility and plethora of features designed to “rustle up the big wins.” In this game, you can watch the reels spin as they randomly morph into massive stacks of top-winning symbols, maximizing your chances to strike gold. Take a gamble during Free Spins to potentially upgrade to even better features. 

Eggsplosion rounds out Bovada Casino trio

Also noted in the report from above, with the Easter holiday coming, Bovada Casino has come out with a new game that focuses on that subject matter. The brand-new Eggsplosion game is not exclusive to Bovada Casino, but there is a strange twist that comes with this online casino. Eggsplosion can be played for just $0.10 a play, and there are a number of ways to win in this game. Moreover, there is also a story that comes along with this game, and that creates a fun way to follow along with the action on the screen. 

Moreover, according to the official game specifications, the long-term expected payback percentage, or RTP, for Eggsplosion is 94.17%. With a five-reel layout and medium volatility, this game offers balanced gameplay and the potential for wins to the players if they are interested in trying something new. 


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Additional information about Bovada betting news

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