Clock is ticking on 2024 California sports betting initiatives

california betting news august 2023

Updated August 8, 2023By Chris Boline
california betting news august 2023

Those looking for some new Golden State gaming propositions next election year might need to press a sense of urgency on California lawmakers. As noted in a recent report, the clock is ticking in California for citizen-led sports betting initiatives to make the statewide general election ballot in 2024. Last month was the California Secretary of State’s suggested deadline to submit to the Attorney General any proposed initiative that hopes to qualify for the Nov. 5, 2024 ballot by the “full check” method. This means requiring 100 percent verification of petition signatures. Per the same article, meeting that deadline would give the Attorney General about two months – until Sept. 7 – to prepare an official title and summary required to circulate an initiative petition. So far, however, no sports betting initiatives that could be declared eligible for next year have been to the Attorney General’s website.

For this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest California betting news and also more notes about gaming in the state. 

Late August is the next deadline for 2024 gaming proposals

As noted in the same article, August 22nd is the next suggested deadline for 2024 initiatives to be submitted to the Attorney General. That deadline applied to initiatives that hope to qualify for the ballot using the “random check” method. This means the sampling of verified signatures – the method that most proposals use. A random sample will suffice if the number of valid petition signatures exceeds the threshold needed to qualify for the ballot. According to the California Secretary of State’s website, the deadline to qualify for the ballot falls at least 131 days before the general election, or around June 27, 2024, for next year’s general election. 

According to one article, there has been no word from the tribes in California or sportsbooks that brought sports betting initiatives to California’s polls last November about whether they plan to try again in 2024. Initiative qualification deadlines suggested by the California Secretary of State may be a good way to track their intent. Per those deadlines, the last day for an initiative to qualify for California’s Nov. 2024 ballot is June 27, 2024. 

Groups re-evaluating Calif. gaming plan for 2024 cycle

Per the same report, groups behind last year’s defeated California sports betting initiatives told the Associated Press last fall that “they were reevaluating how to bring sports gambling to the Golden State.” They also said that they “wouldn’t discuss whether they would seek a legislative path or appeal directly to the voters again.” The sportsbook-led Prop 27 campaign said in a statement after last year’s defeat in the 2022 election battle “underscored our resolve to see California follow more than half the country in legalizing safe and responsible online sports betting.” 

Tribes behind Prop 26 seem just as determined. At the Western Indian Gaming Conference in February, James Siva, Vice Chair of the California National Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) Chairman said that California tribes are “by far the better entities to offer sports wagering in California.” Moreover, he added, “We have a proven track record of operating well-run and well-regulated gaming establishments,” Siva said. “(The tribes) are inherently rooted in California. We were here before this land was known as California, and we are still here now.”

More notes and info about California sports betting

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