Las Vegas company rolls out new casino gaming software

vegas betting news sept 23

Updated September 4, 2023By Chris Boline
vegas betting news sept 23

For slot machine aficionados, a new update from a Vegas-based technology company could change the way you play your next round of slots. Per a recent report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this new technology could give you a lift when you’re “down on your luck or celebrate with you when you win big.” Acres Technology from Las Vegas will begin field testing this month its new “ticket in-bonus out” or “TIBO” system in the weeks ahead in Elko, Nevada. This is an update to the “ticket in-ticket out” or TITO system that most players utilize per the LVRJ. What TIBO will do, per Acres and the report, is produce the same types of payment slips to players at TITO, but they may appear randomly, even before you cash out, and for different reasons. 

In this report, SBS will be going over the latest gaming news coming from Las Vegas and also some more notes and information about Vegas wagering. 

Goal of new technology is to continually engage players

According to the same report from the LVRJ, John and Noah Acres of Acres Technology say the goal is to deliver growth in slot machine play through new incentives for the player. In terms of what kind of rewards can be given, the possibilities are potentially limitless. The article then offers different scenarios where the player can be further engaged with playing the slot machines. For example, if you are playing a machine with TIBO, but do not have the casino’s loyalty card, a ticket given to you could tell you how many bonus points you could have earned had you been playing with the card. This option would potentially include a QR code with a direct sign-up page that could be used to collect points if you sign up right away. 

Conversely, the article hypothesizes that you are in the midst of an unlucky streak in your slot play. Through millions of slot plays over the years, casino companies have collected data suggesting at what point a player is most likely to stop playing. TIBO can now gauge when a player is reaching that quitting point and print out a ticket that offers the player some free bonus to encourage continued action. However, as the article notes, that’s where problem gambling issues could come into play. 

Predictive slot machines present challenges for moderation

As noted in the article, there is some pushback from those in the community who push for gaming moderation. “My gut reaction was to be mostly appalled by the idea that would develop individual algorithms around people to try to engage them, especially at that point when it’s been determined they’re likely to take a break,” said Ted Hartwell, the community engagement liaison for the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling. He would go on to say that “one of the things we do know about people who have a gambling problem or may be transitioning into a gambling problem is that those breaks in play are critical to those individuals.” 

Hartwell notes that those breaks in play could be where players have a “moment of self-reflection and disconnection from the machine.” However, as the article points out, Hartwell is hopeful that the artificial intelligence offered by TIBO might also be able to help compulsive gamblers with messages dispatched to players. This would hopefully encourage them to seek help with their addictions instead of playing more.  

Other notes and information about Las Vegas betting

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