New sports betting provision eyed by CA tribe for 2024

california betting news october 2023

Updated October 17, 2023By Chris Boline
california betting news october 2023

For Golden State gaming supporters, it looks like the wheels are already turning for a new gaming initiative in 2024 regarding online sports betting in the state. Per a recent report and other outlets, a Native American tribe is seeking to table an online sports initiative for the 2024 election cycle. It would appear that the Pala Band of Missions Indians will petition for an online sports betting provision when the election comes around again in 13 months’ time. Per one article, the chair of the tribe used the week of the G2E event to talk to reporters about the prospects of an online sports betting initiative, which still hasn’t been filed. Moreover, despite the tribe opposing Prop 27 vehemently in 2022, it appears to have found the willpower to move once more to support sports betting in 2024. 

For this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming from California and also some more notes about Golden State wagering. 

New initiative follows the failures of Prop 26 & 27 in 2022

According to the recent report, Mark Macarro, the chair of the Pala Tribe, told one outlet some interesting reasoning related to the case. “Maybe this is just a case of one tribe wanting it so much when no one else really seems to want it,” Macarro said. “Certainly, voters didn’t want it last election, but I am looking forward to seeing the language. Maybe they came up with something brilliant that no one else thought up.” Indeed the 2022 election sports betting during the midterms ended up in a disaster for all parties after both Prop 26 (the tribal sports betting movement) and 27 (commercial sports betting proposition) resoundingly failed at the polls. 

As regular readers of this space might remember, the bills failed to get 20 percent support at the polls despite over $600 million being spent by both sides of the debate in campaigning. Following the 2022 debacle, there seemed to be little desire to spend millions of dollars and campaign heavily for sports betting again in 2024. However, the Pala Band of Mission Indians appears to have pulled the trigger on the starting gun per sources. 

Details still pending on what other tribes might do

While this is certainly an exciting development for gaming fans in California, there are still many more dominoes to fall in this wagering race in the Golden State. Per the same report, there is very little detail of what any potential initiative would look like, and also, no official initiative has been filed yet. Moreover, some of the other major Native American tribes that were involved in the process in 2022 have yet to declare interest in this upcoming election cycle as well. 

Even more notes and info about California wagering

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