Xbet rolls out odds CM Punk’s next title belt | 12-11-2023

xbet betting news december 2023

Updated December 11, 2023By Chris Boline
xbet betting news december 2023

One of the most accomplished wrestlers in the world, CM Punk recently made his long-awaited return to the WWE which has shaken up the pro wrestling universe. With that in mind, Xbet has recently unveiled a brand-new betting market that asks “What WWE Championship belt will CM Punk win next?” Per the main site, the odds-on favorite title belt for Punk to add to his collection is the World Heavyweight Championship at +110. This is followed closely by Intercontinental Champion at +200 and then the Undisputed Universal Championship at +300. In the WWE, Punk is a six-time World Champion, first winning the ECW Championship, then the other mainline WWE championships later on. 

For this report, SBS will explore the latest news coming from Xbet and also some more notes about the online sportsbook. 

Xbet forecasts Punk to win a world title as his next belt

As noted at the Xbet site, Punk’s most likely next championship will be the World Heavyweight Championship. This is a title that he has won three times in his career, first doing so back in 2008. A competitor who has won multiple awards and titles in his career, he left the WWE back in 2014, with his 434-day reign as WWE Champion standing as the longest of the 21st century. Moreover, these two titles can be easily confused as the WWE Championship is in the same lineage as the now Undisputed Universal Championship. 

While the mainline championships seem to have the best odds for Punk, he will be facing some stiff competition in lifting those belts away from their title holders. The WWE Universal Championship is currently held by Roman Reigns who is in the middle of a historic title streak, holding the belt since August of 2020. Meanwhile, the World Heavyweight Championship is currently in the hands of his ex-Shield teammate, Seth Rollins, who had been champion since May of this year. Indeed perhaps the oddsmakers like Punk to take the title off Rollins and not interrupt Reigns’ historic streak. 

Punk has longer odds of IC title and tag team belts

Though the main heavyweight titles seem to favor Punk the most, there are also odds available for some other WWE titles as well. Punk’s fourth most favored next title is as United States Champion at +450. This is followed by him winning the tag team championship at +1500. Finally, and most implausible of them all, is Punk somehow becoming the next NXT Champion (+3000). One would have to imagine the WWE trying to capitalize on their huge returning star by not sticking him on NXT with the stars of tomorrow. For each of these titles, Punk has already held them at least once aside from the U.S. and NXT championships. After his WWE departure, Punk tried his hand at MMA in the UFC and was most recently a two-time AEW World Champion. 


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Even more notes and info about Xbet sportsbook

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