Maryland Commission approves sports betting changes

maryland betting news august 2023

Updated August 26, 2023By Chris Boline
maryland betting news august 2023

With Maryland casino and gaming revenues reaching a record high since widespread legalization, lawmakers in the state are tightening up certain state gaming regulations. Per a recent report, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission met last month and approved a variety of amendments to the state’s regulations for legal sports betting. In the same article, Maryland regulators have now started implementing the rule change lawmakers want to see for retail and online sports betting sites. This includes content scrutineers and a crackdown on certain college partnerships. 

For this report, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming out of Maryland, along with more notes about Maryland wagering. 

Maryland gaming provisions cover a variety of topics

According to the same article, some of the Maryland sports betting tweaks were technical, such as clarifying bond requirements for brick-and-mortar facilities. However, a few were geared around enacting legislative changes passed earlier this year by lawmakers in Annapolis. One rule tweak was to implement the provisions of Senate Bill 620. This bill “prohibits institutions of higher education from contract with sports wagering licensees if the licensees would profit from securing student participation in sports wagering.”

This amendment comes as the advertising practices of sportsbook operators remain under scrutiny from the public, regulators, and lawmakers, including those in Maryland, the report notes. One practice that did not sit right with policymakers was that some bookmakers had put together partnerships with colleges. Another approved amendment was to implement a framework for “independent evaluators” of content “provided by a sports wagering expert, sports wagering influencer, or content partner.” Moreover, those same auditors can rate “the accuracy of predictions for sporting event outcomes,” as the proposed regulation also reads. 

Gaming rules also implemented for Senate Bill 621

According to one report, the rules were approved after the Maryland legislature passed Senate Bill 621 in the spring. This legislation requires the commission to license independent evaluators that sports betting licensees can then choose to use. There is, however, no requirement for operators to hire an evaluator. “A sports wagering licensee or sports wagering operator that advertisers in the State (Maryland) may contract with a license independent evaluator,” another fiscal policy note said back in April of this year. 

Per one article, this summer’s approvals “breathe life into that vision, although the rules still need to clear a few more hurdles before they are finalized.” This includes submitting the amendments to a legislative committee for review. In the meantime, the framework is there for firms that want to get into the content-evaluating business. Moreover, the article notes that “an independent evaluator and its principles and employees may not wager on a sporting event.” Moreover, the report and fiscal note mentioned that “an independent evaluator may not be compensated by a sports wagering licensee or sports wagering operator that uses the evaluator’s evaluations.” 

Even more notes & info about Maryland sports betting

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