Power of Native tribes reinforced by California Assemblyman

california betting news march 2024

Updated March 6, 2024By Chris Boline
california betting news march 2024

Over in California, the ongoing saga of gaming in the state has seen some California politicians reinforce the value of winning over the Native American tribes in the landscape of gaming legalization. Per a recent report, it is a lesson smart commercial companies should have learned in 2022: California gaming expansion, including sports wagering, runs through the state’s Native American tribes. Assemblyman James Ramos (D-San Bernardino), who’s also a member of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, reiterated that view in a recent commentary from a local media outlet. He reminded readers that in 1999, then-Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA) and more than 50 of the state’s Tribes inked an accord granting Tribes exclusivity over casino gaming in California. 

In this report, SBS will be going over the latest gaming news coming out of the Golden State and also share some additional notes about California gaming updates. 

Ramos believes betting must have responsible approach

Per the same article, with the Tribes’ exclusivity over casino gaming in California, this accord ensured that the activity would be confined to reservations. Moreover, Ramos believes a similar approach must be taken with sports wagering. 

“Sports betting in California must be approached with the same principles of responsibility, community benefit, and respect for the promises made decades ago,” Ramos wrote. “It is about legalizing sports betting; it is about ensuring that any expansion of gaming aligns with the values and commitments that have guided tribal gaming since its inception.” 

San Manuel, the Tribe of which Ramos is a member, runs the Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel in Highland, Calif., and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. It’s also one of the most influential Tribes in California on the matter of sports betting. In 2022, it teamed with several other well-heeled tribes to defeat a ballot proposition by commercial sportsbook operators. 

Tribes have maintained ongoing power in Golden State

As noted in the article and seen in 2022, large Tribes, such as Agua Caliente, Barona, Graton Rancheria, Rincon, and San Manuel, can pool their resources to defeat outsiders’ sports wagering ambitions. That was the case with the commercially supported Proposition 27. Backers of that proposal essentially positioned themselves as competitors to the Tribes – a gambit that ultimately proved foolish. Despite the epic failure of Prop 27 last year. This was juxtaposed with another group that attempted to get sports wagering on California’s 2024 ballot. While those proposals contained benefits for Tribes, the backers didn’t initially reach out to the Tribes, drawing their ire in the process. 

As noted in the article, those are reminders that while California could eventually have regulated sports wagering, that will not happen without the consent of the Tribes. “The Tribes have stood firm in their promise to protect gaming and keep the revenues within California,” added Ramos in the report. “As we consider the future of sports betting, let’s not forget the lessons of the past and the importance of upholding the commitments that have made tribal gaming a model of responsible and community-oriented enterprise.” 

Uncertain timeline on new California gaming changes

Per another article, Ramos did not indulge predictions as to when the largest state could again consider sports wagering. Moreover, it is clear it will not be on the ballot this year, and that is probably for the best because polls taken in 2023 showed limited appetite among voters to deal with the issue so soon after the 2022 debacle. Thus, that leaves the 2026 mid-term election as a possibility. However, the wild card there could be a gubernatorial election for an open seat that will be cost and attention-consuming. 

Per the article, California tribal leaders have also cautioned that mobile betting will be approved after, not in conjunction with retail sportsbooks. That means there will be a period of time when eager California sports bettors will have to drive to Tribal casinos, many of which are far from major population centers, to place bets. As many regular readers of this space are aware, this has been an ongoing power struggle in the Golden State with national providers looking to come in and offer services, thus competing with the Native Tribes. 

Of course, now it would appear that a game plan that works in harmony with the Tribes is the way to get widespread gambling legislation passed in the state. However, as regular readers know, this is much easier said than done and will take a significant amount of communication and trust on both sides to get things moving along. This saga continues to evolve through each election cycle and is one that needs to be monitored closely. 

Additional info regarding California betting news

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