Tripadvisor shares Las Vegas casino “luck” breakdown

las vegas betting news december 2023

Updated December 12, 2023By Chris Boline
las vegas betting news december 2023

Known as one of, if not, the most famous gambling hub in the world, Las Vegas casinos have been visited by billions of people around the globe seeking to test their luck and find riches in their halls. However, as most astute gambling observers will tell you, the house almost always ends up winning. Nonetheless, a recent report was just released that sought to answer the question, “Which Las Vegas casinos are the ‘luckiest’ of them all?” Per this article, the site curated a list of the 15 most popular Las Vegas Strip casinos and scraped Tripadvisor reviews to analyze which are perceived as fortunate according to visitors. 

In this article, SBS will be going over the latest news and notes coming from Las Vegas and also share some more thoughts about Sin City wagering. 

Review narrowed down key “lucky” words in reviews

Per the article, the general crux and focus were on extracting keywords associated with great luck, such as “lucky”, “luck”, “won”, “winning”, “ success”,” and”jackpot “, etc. The key findings in this update were as follows: The Mirage is the “luckiest” casino according to Tripadvisor users, with 6.03% of reviews associated with an experience of “good luck.” Meanwhile, Resorts World Las Vegas was revealed to be the “unluckiest” casino, with only 0.78% of reviews associated with “good luck.” Moreover, while the report did say they cannot guarantee any wins for you, their data instead shows which Strip casinos hold the highest to lowest probability of winning, according to previous visitors’ experiences. 

As noted above, the data reveals that the Mirage’s casino holds the highest probability of winning. With 6.03% of reviews associated with the theme of luck. The Venetian was ranked as the second luckiest casino on the Strip as attested by previous visitors’ reviews. Out of the significant 2,867 reviews, a notable 5.92% resonated with positive sentiments towards luck. Next in the lineup of luck-infused casinos in Las Vegas is the ARIA Resort & Casino, claiming its spot as the third luckiest. With 5.55% of ARIA’s reviews corresponding with all-things luck, the numbers speak volumes. Moreover, the ARIA also had the highest count of “hand pay” mentions too.  

Resorts World identified as “unluckiest” on Strip

Per the same article and as noted above, the analysis revealed that only 0.78% of luck-related keywords found their way into Resorts World Las Vegas’ Tripadvisor review. Thus this earned the casino the dubious title of “the unluckiest casino on The Strip.” Joining the unlucky winner at the bottom of the 15-resort list was The Strat (2.39%) at No. 13 and the Wynn Las Vegas at 1.72%. 

Rounding out the top “lucky seven” on this list were the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas at four (4.36%), Treasure Island at five (4.34%), the MGM Grand (4.24%), and Caesars Palace at 4.13%. Finally, the article cites the methodology here by saying they calculated the percentage of luck-related mentions in each casino’s total Tripadvisor reviews. Also, this focused solely on each casino’s dedicated Tripadvisor page, rather than their hotel and resort Tripadvisor pages. 

Even more thoughts and notes about Vegas wagering

After you are all squared away regarding the latest gaming news and notes coming from Las Vegas, make sure to also check out the wide variety of resources for you at SBS. Of course, for even more news on the topic at hand, our online Vegas sportsbooks guide gives you everything you need to know about the latest news coming from Sin City and more. On another note, if you are looking to maximize your bets, then the best bonus betting sites breakdown is a must-bookmark page. On this page, you can find a catalog of the latest and greatest welcome bonus offers to charge up your bets. Finally, for those looking for some flexibility in their deposit and withdrawal options, make sure to check out the payment methods rundown. Here you can find many options from crypto to more traditional banking routes. 

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