Alabama Dems prepping for new gaming bills next cycle

alabama betting news october 2023

Updated October 17, 2023By Chris Boline
alabama betting news october 2023

Legalized gambling is still a big topic in Alabama and the upcoming legislative cycle will be no different per a recent report. Next year’s legislative session will open in just about four months and Democratic lawmakers are preparing by hosting their seventh annual Pro-Growth Policy Conference to help shape the party’s 2024 legislative priorities. According to WSFA in Alabama, this session, Alabama’s Democratic lawmakers want to explore more options to make gambling legal. As some regular readers of this space are aware, legalizing gambling is a decades-long debate in the Statehouse. Moreover, during the 2022 session, the chambers disagreed on a simple paper lottery versus casino-style gaming. 

For this article, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news coming from Alabama and also more notes about wagering in the state. 

AL House officials optimistic on 2024 gaming agreement

Per the same report, House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels said maybe next year there can be more of an agreement on the subject. Moreover, he said they will be bringing in sports betting experts from a national level, and lawmakers will discuss casinos and a lottery. He would go on to say, “We’re going to talk about proceed revenue sharing, folks from Tennessee, folks from Georgia, vendors that deal with the lottery, so that our members will be able to get the full picture” in one report. 

Democratic lawmakers and policymakers also heard from a variety of panelists on policy-making according to one article. Daniels also said that “pro-growth means pro-Alabama, looking at ways to improve where we are (as a state).” As noted in the same report, Daniels said improvements can be made to the state’s education system. Alabama politicians are looking to allot more resources for economic development as well. He said that this specifically means plans and strategies that could help uplift more of the rural communities across the state. The state’s caucus also has plans to help small businesses recover from the pandemic in their upcoming 2024 legislative session plans. It would appear that the recent report is pointing to all of these efforts working in tandem at some point together. 

Alabama politician says illegal gambling growing in state

Per another report, Alabama’s Speaker of the House, Senator Nathaniel Ledbetter, said if the state doesn’t pass gaming legislation soon, illegal gambling operations will continue to “flourish” in the state. The lawmaker was quoted as saying that the problem will only get worse if it’s not addressed in the near future. Ledbetter has also noted in the past that it’s almost impossible for law enforcement to get it under control with the current laws. Moreover, he has also been noted recently as saying it’s past time that gambling already exists in the state and maybe it would make more sense for that money to go to citizens of the state instead of the illegal organizations. 

Other thoughts and info about Alabama wagering

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