Alabama House Speaker seen as new gaming ally

alabama betting news september 2023

Updated September 11, 2023By Chris Boline
alabama betting news september 2023

The ongoing process of gaming legalization in the Cotton State has found a new proponent in Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives, Nathaniel Ledbetter. Per one report, Ledbetter shared his belief that a lack of regulated gambling will lead to more illicit gambling within the state’s borders. However, according to the same article, addressing that concern could be tricky. At the same time, the premise of legalizing some forms of gaming in a state largely bereft of regulated gambling may be more attractive than the actual process. Currently, the only legal gambling in Alabama is a few bingo halls that split their revenues with various charitable organizations. 

In this report, SBS will be going over what to look for from the latest gaming news in Alabama and also some more news and information from the state. 

According to the same article, the only form of legal gambling in Alabama is a few bingo halls that split their revenues with various charitable organizations. However, that likely means there is a significant amount of illicit gaming in the state. Per the report, Ledbetter is not oblivious to that fact. He sees the connection  between a lack of regulated gambling and illegal gaming in Alabama. He recently said, “(illicit gambling) has gotten so rampant that until we do something about it, it’s a little scary because it’s almost like a criminal organization that is running these operations. Without true regulations, without a commission to support it and try to stop them, it’s going to continue to grow.”

Moreover, Ledbetter said there are also more operations in the state than what the attorney general can address. However, he does think that with regulation there will be an “enforcement piece with that.” The House Speaker isn’t a lone voice on this issue. Per the article, he has at least one ally in the upper chamber of the Alabama legislature whose voice carries significant weight on the issue. 

Senator Albritton a known ally of gambling regulation

According to the same article, over the past two legislative sessions, there has probably been no more vocal advocate of gaming regulation in Alabama than Sen. Greg Albritton. The Senator has filed legislation toward that end in both sessions. Additionally, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has expressed that she wants to see the legislature formulate proposals. She has not yet explicitly stated whether she would support gaming-related measures. However, she wants to see the issue put up for the state’s populace to decide. 

Per the report, Albritton’s proposals have lacked support in his own body to date. Voices like Ledbetter’s could help change that narrative. For instance, his support for gaming legislation could be a catalyst for such bills emerging in his chamber. However, these kinds of bills have been shot down in the past for a variety of reasons. Past suggestions have included everything from narrow proposals to broad packages, including commercial land-based casinos and online sports betting. 

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